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I’m an Atlanta based filmmaker who brought production
companies Brevity Media Group & Soul of Wit Films
to Georgia in 2018 after nearly a decade in Los Angeles.

This shift follows a trend in filmmaking of an inspiring
permissiveness that’s rippling through the film &
media production industries in every conceivable way.

The last decade has seen a rampant increase in demand
for higher standards in both imaging and story.

This has ushered in a new era of ubiquity of
low-cost but high-quality cinema cameras with
superior imaging & increasing efficiency for
production on a smaller scale, built for companies
that simply couldn’t exist previously.

We truly are in the golden-age of filmmaking,
bound only by imagination. And perhaps time & budget.

But almost always, the most likely of impediments
to the making of great films is a lack of will.

BMG is about bold vision executed with passion and care.
That’s not a pitch. It’s a mantra.

And for my part, therein lies the attraction.
Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re
developing content to sell a product or promote an idea-

if it’s authentically you, it can’t be wrong.
In fact, it’s probably exactly right.

-Giorgio Litt

CEO of Brevity Media Group
& Soul of Wit Films

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Giorgio grew up in the Middle East & Africa.
He received a BA in Drama from UVA &
his MFA in Acting from the UMKC.

He launched Soul of Wit Films in 2012
with filmmaking debut Waking Marshall Walker,
starring Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy,
which screened at 40 film festivals worldwide.

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Together with Soul of Wit Films,
their films have won awards including
Best Director, Best Short & an Audience Award.

Giorgio launched Brevity Media Group in 2015 to bring
elements of the craft of successful narrative
documentary filmmaking to other markets including
wedding, corporate, lifestyle, portrait & real estate.

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Lake Morraine, Banff, Alberta Canada
Topsail Island North Carolina Outerbanks

• • •

Giorgio Litt is an Atlanta-based director, writer,
cinematographer, editor and colorist.

He’s certified by the FAA under part 107
for commercial drone operation.

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